What is this?

I’ll wait for inspiration. I’ll keep waiting. Reading what I’ve written before, I’ll keep waiting for words to lift my soul to tell you I’m worth keeping and I’ll keep waiting for moments and memories and moments to tell you I’m within and without the feeling I’m now an outsider trying to get in on […]

Between pictures, places
and moments that feel
Like memories, waiting for the limelight.
They’ll wait a decade.10735865_10152862709289497_838979635_n (1)
Two years of whims and frivolity,
To the years that’ll last us a life time.
Between dreams, decisions
and the choices
We ceased, to take the frame for glory
Against the frame worthy of praise.
To the years of whims and frivolity,
Two years that’ll last us a lifetime.

Would You?

Say you had a second chance to live this moment
And breathe in its clever imperfection.
The stray locks, 
The secretive glances. 
Blinking through conversations you hoped
Either, be bold enough to propose, or simply
Breathe in its clever imperfection.
A perfect moment 
And a second chance
This is where you test yourself. 

You Don’t Need An Occasion To Make It A Friday Night.

I know I’m right. Stop screaming in my ear. I’m going to catalogue everything you do on this post.



#1 My laptop isn’t touch screen, neither does it work with voice commands.  Stop poking it and screaming out instructions!

#2 Don’t jump into that car! It’s not ours. x_x

#3 The stairs aren’t your enemy just because you stumbled down -.-

#4 The door can’t be opened through a repetitive chant of  ” Open Sesemae ” You have to use the shiney metallic thing we like to call a key.

#5 Just because you know what the colour red looks like doesn’t prove you’re NOT drunk.

#6 Rolling around in pieces of papard is not the same as eating it.


Your eyes hurt while you read this? Mine hurt while I wrote it. #GotSmackedAMegaZillionTimes.

I’ll never figure. #1

Because people don’t want anything but compliments. No one gives a damn about your shit. If it’s a problem, they’ll grab their cool aid and run a mile away. Because they’re chillers that clique has their top-notch solution; Before you know it you’re rolling in the deep. Deep shit of course. You wont find a real conversation unless you know where to look. And that lane has been deserted for a while. If it’s not a compliment , it’s not a conversation since that ticket isn’t golden you’ll be tripping alone, left as a minuscule aspect of  the art that makes the outside.  In the weirdest ways. The outside is the inside as rightfully stated by #.   /The ones that mattered are the ones far far away. As for the rest of the indifferent faces that surround you, they’re on a trip of their own. It’s a mad world.

Why can’t the bubbles just bring me happy eyes. You can’t take a breather if the air around you is saturated with Drama.

Best be aloof. Loosing your glass slipper hurts less when you have a stoic heart.

It’s only Charming in FairyTales. Mine isn’t.